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*STOP PRESS* The Growth & Infrastructure Bill *STOP PRESS*

25 October 2012

At the 2012 AGM, Alan Shelley, in his report, alerted us to pending legislation. He has subsequently sent us this advice which should be noted, and acted upon, by any Guild who might think they will be affected:-

The Growth & Infrastructure Bill

This Bill in process is nearing its second reading. The purpose is to stop any prevention of ‘growth’ by registration of land for recreational purposes where the land has been identified for development.
The intention is to prevent ‘vexatious’ applications that are made for the deliberate purpose of preventing development for reasons of ‘nimbyism’.
When the Act takes effect, any attempt to register such land will be prevented. Where any such prospective areas of Freemen’s land may exist it would be unwise to wait for council notification before taking any action.
It is the government’s view that development has, in some places, been overruled by an abuse of the Town and Village Green (TVG) legislation. TVG applications in the past would average around 60 per year, while in the years since 2000, this has risen to nearly 200 preventing much potential progress by local authorities and in addition creating much unreasonable expense.
Where suitable and with legal advice, consider registering, any such vulnerable (unregistered) land likely to come under the threat of development, by application of the Commons Act 2006, as soon as possible.
Alan Shelley, Officer Without Portfolio, 24th October 2012