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New Executive elected at Berwick-upon-Tweed AGM, 11th September 2010

14 September 2010

With Colin Hardcastle having completed his two years in office as President, elections took place to appoint new members of the Executive, as noted in Journal 163. Colin thanked everyone for their support during his term and he in turn was thanked for the conciliatory efforts he had made to unite the membership.
The new Executive looks like this;-
Alan Fallows
Immediate Past President
Colin Hardcastle
Deputy President
Gordon Varndell
Vice President
Stephen White
Hon Secretary
Ron Leek
Hon Treasurer
Stephen White
Hon Membership Secretary
Eileen Forth
Hon Archivist           
Alan Fallows
Officer without Portfolio
No nominations had been received by the closing date, however, interest had been expressed by Alan Shelley, a former member of the Executive, and on a show of hands he was co-opted to the position
All Wardens were re-elected apart from Emma Reid-Chalmers who had tendered her resignation. Emma was warmly thanked for the work that she had done in the North East and in particular recently in connection with the Freemen of Beverley.
Colin Hardcastle was proposed by Emma Reid-Chalmers to the vacancy which her resignation had created, a position which he had held prior to his Presidency. He replied that he would give due consideration to the nomination and he subsequently confirmed his acceptance.