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13/12/2017 Coventry - City of Culture 2021 read more »
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13/12/2017 Coventry - City of Culture 2021

We have received this marvellous news from Steve Morson, Immediate Past Master of The City of Coventry Freemen's Guild;-

The President, Master, Past Masters and Members of the Court of The City of Coventry Freemen's Guild are delighted that our wonderful city will become the "City of Culture" in 2021.
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26/10/2017 Membership Application Forms

Revised Application Forms for Full and Associate Membership of FEW have been added to replace the older versions and may be found under Membership-related Forms.

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13/09/2017 New Warden for the North

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Roger Sutton, Former High Bailiff of Henley-in-Arden, to the position of Warden read more »

07/03/2017 Membership Application & Standing Order Forms added

Downloadable forms in pdf format added. 

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08/02/2017 Sad news

It is with sadness that we report the deaths of a number of prominent, and well-known Freemen;-

David Moor, Berwick-ipon-Tweed, one time FEW Archivist, October 2016

Alan T Alderson, Newcastle upon Tyne, one time FEW Treasurer, October 2016

Raymond George Holl, Coventry and Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, January 2017

Graham Taylor, read more »

29/08/2016 New Warden for The East

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Val Pettifer, Freeman of York, to the position of Warden for the East succeeding Norman Offield who retired from the post some time ago. You can find Val’s contact details on the “Area Wardens” page.

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29/06/2016 New Warden for the North West

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Denise Laver, Provost of Altrincham, to the position of Warden for the North West succeeding Leslie Morgan who retired from the post several years ago. You can find Denise's contact details on the "Area Wardens" page.

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07/02/2016 Further 3 Viewpoints from The Officer Without Portfolio added

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28/06/2015 The Magna Carta and The Freedom

A new section entitled "The Magna Carta and The Freedom" has been added; further contributions and comments are welcome.

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25/06/2015 Viewpoints

Two further Viewpoints, 36 - The Ownership of Freemen's Lands and 37 - The Dilemma, as submitted by Alan Shelley, Officer Without Portfolio, have been added.

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25/06/2015 Profile of Richard J.M. Bishop added

A profile for Richard J.M. Bishop, President of the Association 1996-99, has been added to the Presidents on Parade section.

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19/05/2015 William F Healey of Chester

It is with regret that we announce the passing of William F Healey, President of this Association 1990 ~ 1996, on 16th May 2015. Further details will be added here and on our Facebook page as they are announced and a full obituary added in due course.

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13/02/2015 John H Speake of Shrewsbury, Obituary

We received news in the New Year that John Speake, of The Shrewsbury Gild and one time Warden and Archivist of FEW, had died shortly before Christmas, 2014. A tribute has been received from Alan Fallows and placed on the page entitled "Some Notable Individuals".

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07/03/2013 Allan W Berry, MA, of Sudbury, Obituary

News has just reached us that Allan W Berry, MA, a stalwart of The Sudbury Freemen's Society, died recently. A tribute has been received from Alan Shelley and placed on the page entitled "Some Notable Individuals".

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15/02/2013 Facebook Page

The Freemen of England and Wales now have a facebook Page.

Follow the link at the foot of the homepage or find it at

Be sure to "like us", add your comments and submit items and pictures for inclusion.

Thanks from Alex, Steve and Tom

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09/01/2013 Presidents on Parade

New section added profiling Past Presidents of the Association

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26/10/2012 Freemen's Terminology

A new page, covering Freemen's Terminology, added - see index to left.

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25/10/2012 *STOP PRESS* The Growth & Infrastructure Bill *STOP PRESS*

At the 2012 AGM, Alan Shelley, in his report, alerted us to pending legislation. He has subsequently sent us this advice which should be noted, and acted upon, by any Guild who might think they will be affected:-

The Growth & Infrastructure Bill

This Bill read more »

27/07/2012 Harry Ward II

Papers which were originally collected to form the basis of "Harry Ward II" have started to be added to our web-site.

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31/01/2012 Archive Corner ~ Journals & Newsletters added

Copies of the covers of the Journals and Newsletters which exist in the FEW Archive have been scanned and a new page added showing these. It is intended that the content of each may be viewed by double-clicking on the relevant image but at the moment only the most recent read more »

22/10/2011 Constitution

Revised Constitution, approved at the 2011 AGM added to replace previous version

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04/09/2011 Profile of Our Patron added

Authorised profile of our Patron added, kindly supplied by Alan Shelley, photograph of Earl and Lady Bathurst sourced from internet.

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11/08/2011 Aspects of the Freedom

Complete set of Charles Sparrow talks added.

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04/04/2011 Viewpoints from the Officer Without Portfolio added

A series of discussion papers, complied by Alan Shelley, and introduced by Alan Fallows, added. See index in left-hand column.

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14/09/2010 New Executive elected at Berwick-upon-Tweed AGM, 11th September 2010

With Colin Hardcastle having completed his two years in office as President, elections took place to appoint new members of the Executive, as noted in Journal 163. Colin thanked everyone for their support during his term and he in turn was thanked for the conciliatory efforts he had made to read more »

13/05/2010 Website Launched

Work started today in ernest to get the FEW Website back up and running. Basic information will be added as quickly as possible with links created to other Guild/Gild sites where they are known.

Please include us in your favourites and let me know if you would like to set up reciprocal links read more »